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(Wake Pretty Favorite)Carol's Daughter

Carol's Daughter is a Hair line that was created in 1993 by a woman named Lisa. Lisa is in fact Carol's Daughter. The products are not tested on animals. Now, My sister is the one who introduced me to Carol's Daughter and thank God she did because I LOVE IT! The product pictured below is called Carol's Daughter, "Leave in Conditioner." The Scent posted is Black Vanilla. The reason why I am highlighting this product is because it's convenient. It is a spray leave-in conditioner which means it's mess free and easy to use. The Black Vanilla Leave-In smells wonderful, so if you need to freshen up your hair this is a GO TO!

Following Are some of the ways I use the Black Vanilla Leave-in:

1. I spray my curls with this product whether they are wet or dry!

2. When I have extensions in, I will take the spray nozzel and spray the condition on my scalp to hydrate it. This is Amazing Friends, Trust me!

3. I Spray my Weave

4. Whenever I want my hair to smell Amazing

5. Whenever I feel My hair is Dry

6. When I am detangling someone else's or my own hair. It seriously makes detangling so easy and it says it right on the bottle.

7. If I use a hairspray that doesn't smell better lol- As you all can tell I love how this product smeeeeelllllllzzz!

8. When refreshing my hair when I am about to do a style that uses gel.

(I would not recommend using this on fresh thermal styles such as hot curls, silk wraps or anything that straightens the hair. Simply because this product is on the wetter side and may cause some hair types to frizz if too much is used)

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