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#1 Step to Beautiful Skin

WASH YOUR FACE! No seriously, wash your face. There are so many different causes of bad skin. Some reasons are hereditary, bad dieting, bad hygiene or simply not knowing what to do. That's why I am here! To HELP! To Educate YOU on things you want to know and things that make you go, "ya learn something new everyday." There are different skin types: oily, dry and combination. There's also so many different types of face cleansers out there and finding the one perfect for you may take some trial and error.

My recommendation would be to go into store like Sephora. The cast there has access to so many different brands as well as a "Skin Care IQ." The skin care IQ is a program that allows the cast to find products based on your needs in minutes! (I USED TO WORK THERE SO I KNOW A FEW SECRETS LOL)

Pictured below is Kate Somervilles, Exfolikate Cleanser. This is one of my favorite face cleansers and I must say I have some obsession with face wash. I just love how is lathers on my face and how clear and polished my face looks when I am done. This product would pair Perfectly with the Clarisonic.

The way that I use this product or any face wash for that matter is:

1. Wet my face

2. I apply about a dime size amount to my fingertips

3. Then I massage the product into my face in a circular motion until it foams up

4. Once it foams up I use my whole hand to continue massage my entire face still in a circular motion

5. I do that until I feel like my face is squeeze clean

6. Rinse Throughly- I've had bubbles on my ear unknowingly so make sure you check to see if its all washed off hahahahaha

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